Trading Macbook Pro for tower, need advice.


I am trading my 13 inch 2009 Macbook Pro with a 2.53ghz Intel Dual Core processor and 8gs DDR3 Ram for the following comp.

I do not know very much about computers and I guess it has an Intel 2 Quad Core(2.4) processor and 4GS DDR3 Ram.

What do I need to know?


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  1. Motherboard, specific processor, which C2Q, specific graphics card (brand and model), specific power supply (an important point where people tend to skimp). Does it come with a (legit) OS? What hard drive(s) does it have? CD/DVD/bluray player/burner?

    Do you have a monitor that you'll be able to use with the new desktop?
  2. Thank you for the reply, I asked about all of these and the dealer wanted to pull out of the trade (I know right... a sketchy person on Craigslist!?). Anyway, thank you for the quick response.
  3. Hmm...sounds like a bad sign--I'd steer clear of the transaction if the seller refuses to go into the details of the system. Good luck!
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