midrange processor + hi end graphics card OR visa versa

just thinking about it and reading tests results..
what conclusion i drew was that even if you have a high end processor and a mid range graphics card ... a low end processor with a good graphics card beats it hollw...

What basically am asking is, whats the point of getting a very good processor for example i was going in for the 6600 core 2 Duo with a 8600 gts....
would that mean it is better that i go with say the 6300 or 6400 core 2 duo or amd 5200+ with a 8800 Gts

Please advise...
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  1. If you want to game then a middle of the road cpu and a top end gpu
    is the way to go.

    If you are into oc,ing and have experience and good quality
    components(and a little luck) you can bump up the lesser cpu.
  2. Some games actually do benefit from having powerful CPUs and GPUs.

    Oblivion is a good example. Having a powerful GPU is important for frame rates and eye candy, but coupling that with a powerful CPU can boost frame rates by 10% or a little more.

    Strategy games traditionally placed more importance on the CPU rather than the GPU. But recent releases of some strategy games requires both. Supreme Commander is a good example I believe (haven't played it). Civilization 4 is probably the first strategy game where having a powerful CPU & GPU does help, but the emphasis would still be more on the CPU.

    Another example is Caesar 4. I've read many cases where people who had high end machines were experiencing low frame rates in that strategy game. But that was probably due to coding.
  3. A low-end CPU (E4*00, E6300) with high end graphics (eg 8800GTX) will perform better in games than say .... a QX6600 with a 8600GTS.
  4. Yeah, it really depends. In general, an 8800GTS + e6300 or X2 beats a e6600+ 8600GTS. In gaming, you can't skimp on the GPU. But there are games/ situations where things can reverse. If you play stradegy or flight sims on a 19" LCD, then a fast cpu would help more. As the resolution increases, you need more GPU power. Especially if you want to maximize IQ and turn on the eye treats like FSAA and high quality AF.
  5. The E6XXX can't really be called a lower power CPU, it's still more powerful than most games can use. The GPU will almost always be a limiting factor, except in low resolutions, but then you're talking about the CPU limiting you to 150+ FPS. Get the better card, CPUs can always be OCed if you somehow manage to be hampered by it. GPUs don't OC very well. (except my old GeForce 3 TI 200, that thing was unstoppable!)
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