PCI, PCI-E and PCI-X shared bus

Hey guys,

Hoping you could help me understand the relationship between PCI, PCI-E and PCI-X.

I understand that in the older PCI busses, the bus slowed down to the slowest card on the daisy chain.

With the two newer, much faster standards, how does this work? Can anything on PCI or PCI-E interfere with the speed of PCI-X slots?

Thanks. :D
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  1. PCI-e is completely seperate from PCI and PCI-x, so there's no reason it should interfere, and as far as PCI-x and PCI go, you can have a slow PCI card in the PCI slot and it won't interfere, but if you put a PCI card in a PCI-x slot I believe it will slow down the whole PCI-x bus to the speed of the PCI device. So keep everything in their respective slots and you should be good.
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