help decide the gigabyte P5K / Asus P5B deluxe /Asus P5N32

have worked backwards
have bought my ram a 2 gb ddr2 kingston, have most of the other stuff needed to build a comp..

As i am "investing" in the 8800 Gts therefore plan to cut down on my processor costs so instead of a amd 6000+ or 6600 core 2 duo, i plan on the 5200+ or the 6400/6300 core 2 duo..

So that leaves me with question of a motherboard..

Been told that the P5K are gonna be around for a longer time..
and the gigabyte p5K can be had for 165$,
while the P5N32 e sli sounds good but as i plan on using onlyuone card i guess no point..

And the Asus P5B deluxe can be had for under 200$s.. ( while asus P5K is close to 250)

Please help me decide ,
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  1. Asus makes the P5K, it's a fine board. You'll want to consider the P5N32 SLI Plus if you want to do SLI, but you probably never will.
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