Athlon 64 3400 $32 with Promo code

A little expensive is my opinion, since I don't need or want one, but, for someone needing an extra 939 chip, it's not a bad deal.
Promo code: EMC607DADA32

There is also a 754 3200 for $29, but I doubt anyone would want it.

Promo Code: EMC607DADA31
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  1. Yeah, I got the email too... funny how the FX-62 is $70 more than the faster X2 6000+.
  2. The S754 3200+ is not bad at all and not very different from the S939 3400+; They're both of the same core, same clock and I don't think the dual channel controller on the latter makes a "200+" difference. If I was to build a dirt cheap, browsing, typing, even light working and gaming machine, I'd go with the S754 because at the end, even S939 is no longer the choice for an upgradeable PC.
  3. Damn, a few years ago an A64 3400+ cost hundreds of bucks... :lol:
  4. your really wasting your time if you do not use the dual core version for 50 bucks
  5. Don't be silly. Someone on such an extreme budget is not buying newer software that would have any significant benefit from dual core, and if performance really matters insted of lowest cost they'd just get a low-end Core2Duo and O'c the hell out of it.

    This is a great price for this CPU. We enthusiasts might turn up our noses at it, but the average joe doesn't have a CPU this fast yet and for $32 it's a steal. It's all a matter of what the total budget is. Even on a tight gaming PC budget this could make sense.
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