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Dear all,

I brought a netgear WGR614 wireless router few days back. When i tried to run the setup file which has a .chk extention to configure, its giving a message that windows cannot run the file. How to run the file. Please help me to find a alternate way to run the file. THANK U.

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  1. A setup file would usually be a .exe or .msi check to make sure you are running the correct file.
  2. thanks for the reply.... :) but i download from from the below site of netgear... can u help me how to go about with it...
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    If you are trying to run this file: <b>wgr614v5_1_0_9_1_0_6.chk</b> you are trying to flash the router. This is not what you need to run to set it up. If you try to run it and you don't know what you are doing you could brick (break) the device.

    You need a tutorial to set it up, choose one:

    Configure your NETGEAR router for <b>Cable</b> Internet Connection:

    Configure your NETGEAR router for <b>DSL</b> Internet connection:
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