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Hello. Let me first say I am no noob with this sort of stuff and I have checked my system up and down with memory tests, HDD tests Optical Drive Diagnostics, I tested my PSU using a testing devise that tells power output and stability, and even a Graphics card replacement using an older card to test...

The problem is that every time I try and install Windows XP Pro off my OEM XP-SP1 CD it loads up, I load the SATA drivers and Partition the hard rive,(Full NTSF Format on one of my SATA Drives, but I have also tried my IDE 80GB and 60GB just to be shore) it runs the Copy Data, and reboots. All well and good until i get to the Windows Load screen. The system Force reboots and comes up with the last attempt to load failed would you like to lead last known good configuration page, so I loaded up Safe mode and it started to page out the modules as they started up, then it crashed again wall loading them... I figured I would test other options OS's and Boot disks to see what's what. First I fully booted up my copy of The Ultimate Boot CD For Windows V3.5 witch acts as a sort of tool loaded Windows XP Live CD, no problems there and it let me do the diagnosticians as said before( I recommend that every Tech make a copy) I then moved to Linux as my primary OS and downloaded the newest 9.04 Ubuntu install CD. i am running perfectly now and I have got most things running using Cydaga and Wine for Games and Windows apps in Linux or a Full install of XP off my CD with my Key running very fast in Sun Micro Systems Virtual Box Virtual machine.

Long winded but that's the problem.

This is the last of a long list of problems started a long time ago.

My system started to crash if it was being loaded up with apps and really started to piss me off if it happened in game or video editing... So i swopped out the Motherboard with my backup, both being ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe boards but the first having the 1404 beta Bios and the one that's in now has the stable alternative... the system ran well for a bit but still crashed though less often... I did a Memore scan suing Memtestx86 and found out that one of my Crusal Ballistic 512MB PC3200 sticks 1 of 4 total 2GB had errors and had to be pulled, I sent the matched pare in to crusial under warranty and they sent me back OEM sticks not Gamer sticks so i had to through in my backup sticks from before I got the Gamer ram in the first place to get back up to 2GB or ram. That helped with that so I re installed windows again before I went to a local Gaming convention. there I discovered that one of the two cores on my Opteron 185 Dual Core server Processor had burnt out and that the install of windows I had done before the con was running single core(Half the Opteron was still faster then needed for the older games we play like Broodware and Freelancer so it was no bother at that time). I had sold my old Socket 939 Athon X2 3800+ for some Gas cash about 3 months before so my father (Computer Salesmen at the local computer store) hooked me up with an older but still nice FX53 single core gamer chip that his customer had no use for now that he had gone to a dual Core i7 Quad Core system... the FX53 runs fine and cool.

After that how ever this problem came up and I have been those far un-able to figure out what realy is wrong.

After all that I think it would be good to give my running specs for any one who might know the Problem or have an Idea I have yet to look into.

ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe Mobo Socket 939
4 x 512MB Crusial PC3200 in Dual Channel
AMD FX53 Socket 939 Single Core stock 2.4Ghz
BFGTech MO GeForce 7900GS 256MB GDDR3 PCIe x16
Toshiba 8x DVD-ROM IDE 2 Master
I forgot the brand but 16x DVD-RW IDE 2 Slave
Western Digital 8MB catch 160GB 7200RPM SATA3G Port 1 Linux Root EXT3 SDA
Western Digital 8MB catch 160GB 7200RPM SATA3G Port 2 EXT3 SDB
Western Digital 8MB catch 80GB 7200RPM IDE 1 Master EXT3 SDC
IBM 8MB Catch 60GB 7200RPM IDE 1 Slave 2GB SWAP + 58 GB EXT3 SDD
3.5" Flopy Drive "Yes I still have one of them"
Sparkle 750Watt PSU
All in a Sunbeam Transformer Steel Full Tower case with all 5 fans running on my externally powered home made fan controler(I made it so all the fans could run as I had to unplug 2 of them to keep sound levels down before, most like adding in the cocking of my Opteron)

Well here is my problem and a lot of other stuff, pleas please help me i cant get my MechWarrior 4 Mercs fix in Linux even with Cydaga and Wine, or even in a VM install of Windows do to Driver and DirectX conflicts and other things I beyond me yet again!
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  1. sounds like you are carrying a corruption forward each install, in my opinion and that's all, remove all the HDD's except the one that you want to install XP on, zero the drive, maybe twice, then try the install, if all goes well make sure the windows updates and hotfixes are off, you might think about tuning the restore function on all the drives off for a while, except the C drive, reboot several times and after each of the drivers are installed, do not try to load a bunch of drivers and then reboot, good luck, BTW how old is the board, after 5 years they can get shaky
  2. The board was top end less then 3 yeas ago... cost me $200 a peace and I have 2. I have done a Zero on the 80GB IDE and one of my 160GB Sata/3 drives, also tried re installing on my RAID(The board has Nvidia and Silicone Image Raid Controlers. I used the Nivida chip as its the mane Sata interface anyway) that once comprised my Sata/3 drives in RAID 0(After braking the RAID and zeroing the drives separately). nothing has worked, if it were a file corruption then it would have been dealt with before. I already wonted to replacing this system with a newer cheaper system running more up to date hardware that would do the job, I spent about $2000 on it building it up over the last 2 years. Maybe a mid range Quad Core and 2GB DDR3, then I can move my 7900(maybe finally RMA my other one so I could go back to a full SLI) and my Sata drives to it and make my old system a Linux server so I can get up to snuff with Tomcat and Apache(Looking to get my old Server Tech job back).
    All and all I am just bent on not having all my games working, but I love Linux and if I get the cash I'll do the new system, but until then if I could get XP out of VM and on the system that would be nice.
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