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Hi, could anyone confirm is there a USB storage device killer virus ? Recently I plugged my USB flash drive and external HDD to what seemed to be a PC with some viruses. Now both - my USB flash drive and HDD is not working any more on any computer.. it just says USB device not recognized on every system I try to connect it to.
Now after the virus full computer has been formatted and reinstalled, other USB devices that gets connected don't break, so its not motherboard that broke my storage devices...
So the question is, is there such a virus and can I do anything about it to fix my USB flash and external HDD.
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  1. After formatting the virus infected PC, do your flash drive and external HDD work properly on that PC?
  2. Yes they do, but not the old ones of course... ;(
  3. If there was some malware that did some damage to the original hard drive, a windows repair, or fresh install should fix them up.
  4. well, after the fresh install, the damaged devices connected showed same response.. that USB device is not detected...
    What is this windows repair thing ? How can I try that ?
  5. If you did a fresh install, a repair install won't show any difference.

    If you want to give it a shot anyways, here's a guide on how to do it.
  6. you are telling me how to repair the windows but I wish to know how to repair my USB flash and external HDD... I think the virus did break my USB devices... how can I get them back..
  7. You mentioned a windows repair. I just gave you a guide on how to do it.

    When you connect the USB devices, do you hear the ding dong sound? Get into the device manager. Do they show up in there? If not, do you see conflicts (yellow !)?
  8. they don't show up anywhere, not in disk management, not on device manager, nowhere, when I plug it in on new pc it asks t install drivers, I just go trough the process and it says it cannot recognize USB device... there are no yellow marks on device manager... I tried some USB recovery soft-wares, but the USB don't show up on them aether...
  9. Try going to the manufacturer's website, and look for some diagnostic/recovery tool to download.
  10. Hi, I have faced that problem too ! now my flash drive and my External HDD also didn't recognized in my computer ! So, according to your article you mean that if I want to make my Flash drive and Ex-HDD become working again I have to set up new window right ?

    Best Regard
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