E6600 Temps


can anyone comment on their stock e6600 temps 2.4 Ghz

Mine idles at about 38-42 degress in a reasonably cold room

(p5b delux, 2 GB 667, 650W Xclio)

air flow is good, and the temp will drop when i blow a large fan at it :) to 32-34.

My old athlon xp 3000 1.8 Ghz idled at about 30, is is right that the intel should be about 10 degrees higher? (eg higher fsb +1 core)

now there's probably a link to a table somewhere i have missed..


PS - is there a burning in phase for either the thermal paste or cpu?
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  1. I was idling with that chip (stock) in the low to mid 40s but I'd never built a computer before and didn't use paste. So I put paste on and made sure the heatsink was on firmly and now I idle in the low 30s. To me, your temp is a little on the high side...

    Are you using TAT to get these temps? What are the temps while hardcore gaming?
  2. These temps are a bit high; those with the big fan blowing are the optimal and you should get as near as you can. Maybe your case airflow is not good (a fan set to low or something like this).
  3. thanks

    It was hs prob - the intel manual leaves a lot to be desired - anyway i have pushed the pins through so that the black bit is level with the white bits either side with the board out the case.

    TAT idle - 28-33
    Load is reasonable now.

    btw my cpuz does not show any multiplier changes when asus probe & pcwiz does??
  4. my 6600 idles at around 37c in a 25c room at 3.42ghz. But i have a Zalman 7000cu cooler with Artic silver 5 and I have an antec 900 case with five 120mm fans and a 200mm fan.
  5. My E6600 (OC'ed to 3.0GHz) is idling at 2.0GHz and has been on for 5 hours. The CPUs have a temperature of 45C (113F). The room temperature is about 29C (84F). I am using a Scythe Ninja HSF.

    I have one 120mm intake fan and one 120mm exhaust fan. My Seasonic S12 500 PSU also has one 120mm fan for exhaust has well.
  6. Mine idles @ 37-44, no extra nothing (retail heatsink, no extra fans in the case etc..).
    I have no idea what's the temp in my room right now, but overall in the city is 25C. (My room right now is like @ "ambiance" temps).
  7. Quote:
    I was idling with that chip (stock) in the low to mid 40s but I'd never built a computer before and didn't use paste.

    no paste!!!! lol. You scared the hell out of me there...

    I found that my 6600 was quite affected by the paste that I used. I bought the sticky white type (which you seem to need to use a lot of, I used the gray gritty stuff before that, even when it was white it was gritty and not tacky) for the first time and I found I had to redo it with more paste, dropped temps dramatically, particularly during load.

    I knew because I had an better cooler that I installed that the stock one, so I knew it shouldn't have been in the 40's plus the fan was at high rpms too often.

    In a way, I think it's worth cleaning it up with Acetone and using more paste to start again in my opinion, particularly if the cores show too much difference in temps....

    I have a Coolermaster Hyper TX as tom's suggested and temp is 27, and it's quite chilly (maybe 17c here) not really on idle.
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