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Need help with a few things on my os,(last xp)

Last response: in Windows XP
July 17, 2009 4:49:00 AM

I have last xp O.S on my system and I have tried everything from editing the registry to downloading microsoft patches to have my windows shut down fast.

This is the problem when i go to <Start> Shutdown, and than wait for my PC to shutdown, my computer takes its sweet time doing that, the monitor and everything shuts off but my PC is left running for extra 2-3 min. I am running out of options and I don't know what else did I miss or what else is there to try. Any ideas as to why its working like this? By the way I did try the registry, bios, power management options. Thanks.

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July 17, 2009 6:21:26 AM

It is probably trying to download updates and failing. Have you checked the system event viewer?
July 17, 2009 1:25:21 PM

no i haven't where do I go and what do I change do you know?
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July 17, 2009 4:43:21 PM

First, try going to the control panel-->auto updates-->go to microsoft update page
There you can check your update history. It can tell you if you have some updates trying to install or not.

Or, you can simply turn of the auto updates and shut down the PC. If it shuts down normally, it's the updates.
July 17, 2009 4:55:28 PM

I tried it I completely disabled updated turned them off. And it still is doing that. I also installed the service that helps shutdown windows, got it from Microsoft website
July 17, 2009 9:19:51 PM

Ok, now you may want to look in the event viewer and see if something is failing.

control panel-->administrative tools-->event viewer
Look at the application and system logs to see if something has a red x with the timestamp of when you're shutting down.
July 18, 2009 2:50:34 AM

yea i have a bunch of "service control manager" and "DCOM" both have red X and ERROR
July 18, 2009 3:42:43 AM

dude thank you so much for pointing me the right direction it was the problem i wrote above, I deleted the key I have found other people that are or have been having the same problem. I deleted the whole folder and Its working now. But i still show the error in the EVENT LOGGER.
July 18, 2009 3:46:34 AM

Ignore that it still does it it shutdown fast one time. and now back to normal.
July 18, 2009 4:59:02 AM

okay and I am using usb, so you are saying that my usb is slowing the shutdown of my PC? right, also some people wrote to remove it so i did, i also added a string in the directory like some say it fixed it for them but nothing for me, not removing it not adding the string i will try your solution here i just have to get the registry back in there now. so i will be back in a few and post see what happend, if it is fixed then in the event viewer it should be blue right?
July 18, 2009 5:05:58 AM

Yes, if that fixes it, the red x will be gone, it should be a blue i.

You also may want to check the BIOS to see what the setting is for your keyboard/mouse.
July 18, 2009 5:12:03 AM

and i tried it but still nothing, but there is a blue one now, but still same problem windows takes a long time to shutdown, im getting really frustrated by working on this I spent 4 hours trying different stuff and im back to point A.
July 18, 2009 5:15:43 AM

Did you check the BIOS?
July 18, 2009 5:16:38 AM

I understand the frustration. I do think you have found the root of your problem though.
July 18, 2009 5:22:31 AM

yes there is nothing there about keyboard i can disable my USB but I don't want to do that what else can I do ? or what other options do I have? but yes all the icons now on the event viewer are blue. Thanks for that. :) 
July 18, 2009 5:48:49 AM

okay i have other stuff that is really good at scanning ill run those in safe mode and ill let you know.
July 18, 2009 6:04:35 AM

K. I would really recommend malwarebytes in addition though. It's top notch.
July 18, 2009 6:45:29 AM

okay, ill run it, so far i used NOD32 a squared, spybot and superantispyware
July 18, 2009 7:42:10 AM

also do would you happen to know why I cant print ? from notepad it gives me "INVALID HANDLE" i removed my printer drivers installed them again and nothing. I have a canon multipass L6000 if you happen to know why and can help that would be great i would rather print than have my windows shutdown fast haha.
July 18, 2009 8:45:58 PM

alright man we tried, i spent 5 hours yesterday reading and doing everything i possibly could to have it fixed, i gave up, i installed normal win xp on it and finally everything works like it should with no errors. Thanks a lot for all the help. deff helped out.
July 18, 2009 11:38:52 PM

Sometimes that's all you can do is start fresh. Sorry I didn't help more.
July 19, 2009 12:38:22 AM

it was a good run i definitely learned a lot . so I didn't come out empty handed. Thanks