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Ok to make a long story short my computer exploded and im plannin on building a new one. Ive been looking at tiger direct and they have some really good prices on computer parts and i wanna build mine from scratch pretty much, im looking to get a GOOD video card that can handle games like STALKER and OBLIV with high end graphics. I also plan on getting an AMD CPU 4600x2 2.40ghz with an amd based board with pci-express slots and DDR2 dual or single slots which can handle different types of mhz of ram, also i need a power supply that will run my computer without another disater occuring and advice on which cheap proformance ram to use, So far ive got these parts in mind:

XFX GeForce 7600 GT XXX Edition / 256MB GDDR3 / SLI / PCI Express / Dual DVI / HDTV / Video Card / great reviews / lifetime warranty.

Thats the link for the video card im thinking about getting ^^^

As for the MOBO and CPU im thinking about going AMD because the price seems right! This is a package which contains both:

Asus M2N-E SLI NVIDIA Socket AM2 ATX Motherboard and an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ 2.40GHz OEM Processor

Ok this is where i need help/advice, iam not a computer genius and have some questions if someone would answer them it would be greatfully appreciated!!! :D My questions are:

If i buy these parts would a 500w budjet power supply support them?
Which type of ram does this MOBO take is it DDR2 single sticks or can it take those dual DDR2 sticks??
I plan to get two 1GB DDR2 sticks and if it takes both which one should i go for?
Is this a good build that will be able to handle the most recent games like
S.t.a.l.k.e.r, supreme commander etc on high graphics?
My budjet here is around $600.00 canadian i have a Hard drive already with operating system and a nice 19" lcd monitor so just the hard ware is important to me now any suggestions or feedback for a computer novice would be great.

Cheers!! 8) :? 8O :P :lol:

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  1. 1stly go DX 10 meaning GeForce 8xxx or ATI HD 2xxx.

    MB should support Dual DDR2. Go for 512*2 sticks if you r happy with 1GB total. 2GB however will be really sweet.

    500W budget PSU is enough. just make sure you have heard a little about the brand. A little googling couldn't hurt. Go budget model in reputed companies such as enermax, thermaltake, etc.

    You have a limited budget so the choices i think shouldn't be too hard to make.

    Hope this helps.
  2. I dont think you shoudl got he DX10 route, current hardware should be under performing in DX10 title anyway.

    I think the 7600GT is a little on the low performance side, but I understand your on a budget. Something like a X1950 would be more appropriate for future game but is almost twice the rpice of the card you mentionneed(which is a fine card btw).

    As for the combo you posted, an Asus P5k is around 160$, A E4300 will set you back about 130$ (, much cheaper then 170 at tigerD). Also look at ncix, price are lower then tiger D for mobo and such.

    The P5k+E4300 is similar to the 4600+ but has incredible OC potential, even for the non hardcore/non computer genious people. And is only marginally more expensive.

    Finally 500W is plenty, but get a good PSU brand, Antec at the very least, you probably need less then that with the video card you are looking at
  3. As labbbby said ncix and sohodiffusion are both much cheaper the Tiger Direct. Look around before you buy and you don't have to buy everything from the same place, look for the best deal. I also don't think with your budget you need a DX10 card. The lower cards are to low performing for the price and the higher cards are out of your price range. go for the x1900 or x1950.
  4. buy a used computer if your using such low end parts
  5. Excellent point, was asking that myself.

    To the OP, we don't like cross post, it makes it harder and duplicates a lot of ressources. And is tottaly useless. CPU does it since its the one with the most traffic.
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