price challenge!! (HELP)

guys any suggestions for a case for an absolute beginner?

i will have 8800 gts card
p35 mobo
E4300 pcu with arctic 7 cooler (OCed to 3.00Ghz)
530w hiper PSU
320gb HDD
2x1GB 677 ram

Was thinking of buying this one - from at £28

Xclio 3060-25 Midi Tower Case 25cm Side Fan Super Cooling Dual Core Ready w/o PSU

Guys will this do. Can't really afford more but my requirements are that its easy to install has enough cooling to stop it melting. the noise is not a problem (really don't care how noisy). in terms of looks don't mind but would prefer a side window if possible. has to be available to the UK

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  1. just looked again and considering blowing any kind of budget i had and getting the antec 900 love the look of it and you get lots of fans.

    what do people think is the good for its price or are there better cases for that money?
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