[SOLVED]Problems connecting to internet with vista (wireless)

Hi there

I got my laptop a few days ago, and I've been trying without any success to make firefox work.
I managed without any problems to connect to my wireless connection at home, but it does not connect to the internet, it said that there was a problem with the DNS so I put the one from my router and it didn't work. It came installed with an antivirus only 30 days trial, so I uninstalled it because I'll soon install another one. I also tried to deactivate the firewall from Vista and it could only stay connected to the wi-fi, nice signal but could not contact any site like google, etc

Please would like to know how to fix it?
I have also tried with the ipconfig/release commands in cmd, and the result is the same.
Hope you guys know how to solve that problem.
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  1. ipconfig /all, post it here
  2. Thanks for the help, but I finally managed by myself to make it without any cmd config. First I connected the laptop to the wi-fi router with an ethernet cable, then I set the connection from the router as private, not public as it was, after that I clicked on the auto-diagnostic from windows and repare option too. It made the wired internet work.

    So time for the wireless connection came. As the router was now set to private I first tried to see what the problem was, it said it had been found but it couldn't be fixed automatic (BS) I just decided to try again and after five minutes of looking at how the windows bar moved, the connection was established. I also set the firewall from windows to allow firefox to connect. Problem solved and now typing this from my laptop.

    Hope it helps other people, and if u also need some help you might as here for a maybe more detailed explanaion of some point.
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