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Hi, this is regarding a system restore that went wrong, I hope you can help.

I recently formatted my own computer and my mom asked me to help her out. The recovery disc that came with the computer installed windows allright, but didn't clean the harddrive... the C drive apparently has 88 GB of used space, but the files inside doesn't use more than 9 GB :pt1cable: . And a disc defrag show the whole thing as a complete mess!

Anyway, to my question... since I can't use the recovery CD that came with the computer, can I burn some discs on my computer and use them to restore my mom's computer? We just want a fresh start.


(We're talking XP home edition, btw :-) )
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  1. Why type of computer does your mother own? If it's a HP, you need to go to Advanced Options to do a Destructive Restore to wipe the hard drive.

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