Why wont my yahoo messenger open

the sleepy guy at the bottom of the page by the icon says yahoo messenger when i scroll over it but when i left click right click or double click it wont do anything, all the other icons wk. when i click on it from the start menu i get nothing, i have uninstalled reinstalled and restarted the pc a few times any ideas??
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  1. i'd just use a different program...
    I use Digsby... which can use AIM, Facebook Chat, Gmail Chat, Yahoo chat, as well as others
  2. please teach me how could i read the message.give me an advise.tnx
  3. how could i open my message at yahoo messenger?.because i am needing for your configuration and i am also new beginner. for your info and guidance.
  4. thank you and Gohonzon bless you.
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