Windows xp home edition won't load when I turn computer on

I have windows xp home edition. When I turn on the screen goes to microsoft with flashing dots. Won't load windows xp. I unplug computer want for modem to start w/4 flashing dashes then computer loads in normal mode? How can I get it to start just my turning it on like it always started? What is causing this. Is it in Bios!

Thank you.
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  1. That's some pretty broken english, but it sounds like windows isn't booting when you push the power button?

    That's likely the boot order. Make sure your HD is the first boot device.

    Your modem won't have anything to do with windows booting up.
  2. yes that 's not the best english but it is worth a try, the flashing dots is during the XP boot screen, so I am going to make some assumptions, one the boot order is good because it found the boot device, second try holding down the F8 key during the BIOS screen so windows will go to safe made, if you are successful then choose the safe mode boot, IF you boot into safe mode go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore and then choose restore the computer to an earlier time, let it restart and see if it has recorved and operates OK,
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