How to reformat PREINSTALLED Vista?

Hiya, I've gotten my pc preinstalled with Vista. How do I reformat it? I have no discs :(

Does a System restore do the job? I want everything cleaned.
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  1. You need a disk, if you don't have it you can't do anything. The system restore is used when you install some program or drivers and the system crashed, but can't be used for format the PC.
  2. Bahaha, lets say I want to use a friends disk. Is it possible to use it without the key? Perhaps somehow I can find the key on the preinstalled vista that I'm using now if it does need a key? Will the service packs still be on?

    Lets say I want Windows 7 and upgrade or install it, is it possible to get my vista back? If not will I get it back if I find out the key on this one and use friends disk?

    Last question, do you like cake? ;)
  3. No you can't use your friend CD with out the key. I think that exist some programs that find you the key installed on your computer but in the moment i don't remember some one.

    The service packs will be deleted, and the only possibility to get back to vista from win 7 is re-format the PC. One option is that you make an imagenof your Vista PC and save this if you need go back to vista from win 7.
  4. So to get Vista back I can try

    ~re-formatting it
    ~Image of Vista PC (Whats this? Is there a tutorial for that?)
    ~Slobber cake all over my W7
  5. 1- The first option take several minutes.

    2- Is a software that copy all your system, with programs, drivers, documents...all that you have in your PC and to a CD or DVD. When you boot from this, the OS is installed with the same configuration from your previous OS, i mean, with the same programs, documents, drivers....

    3- Tell me the things more easy, i'm not from the USA
  6. I'm not from USA either ;)
    I was saying how Vista is so messing lol I can use Nero to make a image of everything eh? Isn't that called a backup?
  7. Yes, you can use Nero, but IMO the best is Norton ghost.

    A backup is different, in the backup you use the restore system option and select the backup file. With the image, you can boot from this and the software does everything for you, disks partitions, install OS, applications, games, documents...
  8. If your computer came with Vista preinstalled and no discs, then there should be a method of creating those discs from Windows. (What brand of PC did you buy?) Most OEM computers (pretty much all, in fact) have no recovery media that ships with the computer... you must create the media yourself. There should be some sort of recovery media creator... in fact the software usually prompts you to make those discs... but that depends on the manufacturer. I don't think Dells prompt you... but I could be mistaken.
  9. Mhmm...I built my computer, well just bought the parts and the guy did it all for me and installed free Vista for me. He gives mad deals for Polish people ;)

    So yeah I really don't know anything about it. I think I'll just look up google how to get the key and just borrow my friends disc and use my key.
  10. In that case, you should have been provided with a disc. If you don't get a disc and there isn't a means to create one on the computer, then you should immediately ask for one. You have a right to both the legal license key on the computer and reinstallation media.
  11. Well I really don't care as long as its possible to use my friends disc and find the key on my Vista.
  12. Okay I found my key, can I use my friends Vista disc?
  13. If you do not have a Windows product key sticker on your case, then your copy of Vista is not legal. Since you stated that you got Windows for "free"... then that also indicates that do not have a valid license. Go out and purchase Vista and charge your "friend" the amount you paid.
  14. No no, I gotten a free installation from Extreme-PC. My friend has a legal copy of Vista, I'm asking if its possible to use that with the key since I have no CD...guessing what they gave me is OEM. I just found the key from my legal copy of preinstalled Vista that they built and installed Vista on my PC. Is it possible to use Retail with *OEM or RETAIL...idk* with the key I found on my pc? I checked my key on google and not one match so I'm sure its legit otherwise an actually PC store would get sued or fined or w\e eh?
  15. Do you have a product key sticker somewhere on your case? Did the company you purchased the PC from provide you with either a product key or reinstallation media? If not, then your copy of Vista is not valid. The company is responsible for giving you your product key to ensure that it does not get used on any other computer. If you did not get the product sticker or reinstallation media, then complain. If Extreme-PC is in the business of providing "free" installations of Vista without giving the customer the product key, then they are in violation of Microsoft's licensing terms and subject to legal prosecution.
  16. The only thing I bought from there was the motherboard and power supply, they built my computer and installed Vista on it. They didn't add no stickers or anything, so what I should do is contact them eh?
  17. Yes, you should. If you purchased Vista and they installed it for you, they definately should have provided you with a product key and OS media of some sort. If you didn't purchase Vista and knowlingly used an illegal copy... then that could make you liable as well.
  18. What do you mean by liable? I know they can't use illegal copies...its a company and companies can be f'd up by SIIA...god I wish it was that way I can get a reward hehe.

    Its all good anyways...I just bought windows 7
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