Which 8800 gts?

Right got my heart set on a 8800 gts.

Im in the UK and dont know which 8800gts to chose?

anyone got a favourite or know one thats highly regarded?

or should i just go for the cheapest as its still a 8800 gts card?

do the different prices for the same card make a huge difference?
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  1. what resolution are you using? Most are based on the reference design and should be fairly similar so the choice is up to you. The difference is mostly in quality control, warrenty, and bundle. Evga is generally considered on of the better brands.
  2. At this point in time, I would chose one of the 640 cards. Games are becoming more shader intensive and will need the extra memory. FEAR and GRAW are examples. Crysis is another. I think, even on a crt running at 1024x768 with the goodies turned up, a 320 card will choke. If the quality at which you play doesn't mean anything, get the latter. A wide screen lcd will also need the extra memory.
  3. As for vendors, a few distinguish themself like XFX with their double lifetime, so if you sell it, its still warrantied.

    Other then that, look at the Price/bundle/cooler/warranty and make the pick on what's most important for you, they're essentially the same...
    Anandtech had a few roundup between the makers, nothing spectacular came out of it..
  4. If I get an 8800gts (Which I probably will, 2600xt isnt looking too hot...) I'll get an Evga card because of the step-up program.

  5. that program only lasts for 90 days.
  6. I'd say wait for the 640 to drop down in price and then grab it. I got mine on newegg for about ~310 after the rebate. Zipzoomfly had it for $309 with free shipping.

    640 is definitely the way to go for the reasons that swifty mentioned.

    As for the evga step-up, it's a nice thing to have if you want to step up to the 8800gtx or the 8900 series if it releases during the 90 day period (if at all).
  7. hey guys thanks for the feedback, a bit more information

    my screen i am going to have to use will be a 32" lcd tv with a 1366 x 768p

    in terms of the 640mb card my system price is already rocketing. initially came on here saying i was going to get the 7900 card. since been convinced i need to have the 8800 gts, not really sure i can go up to a 640 mb card unless you lot in the know insist its really worth the extra cash.

    also im going to buy a E4300 and oc it to 3.00ghz will this processor start to become a bottleneck for such a great graphics card?

    thanks for sharing your knowledge
  8. i have the evga 8800 640 and it rocks- and no that cpu will not be the bottleneck- the bus and HD will be the soft spot which at this time there is not much to do till the next round of chipsets get out. not sure if P35 is any better as it's so new.
    but anyway the 8800 640 owns and evga and xfx are the best vendors and worth the few extra bucks (quid)

  9. the 640 mb is quite a big price jump in the uk almost $140 extra as far as i can see.
  10. the 640mb version isnt worth it as the price is so close to the gtx. i have the 320mb version and it plays my games perfectly at max settings 1440x900 res. i recomend playing on a monitor because having 1330xwatever you said on a 32" wont look good
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