What is a good color calibration software/program I can use that is fr

I need a color calibration software. I got a laptop and I have an ATI. I got the latest driver but the ATI color only works for the desktop and not my other programs (like games), which i want it to work on. Anyone know a good free program that will override any other programs color calibration with the way I like it. I only need the basic sliders, like brightness, gamma, contrast. Nothing to specific.
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  1. You should have 2d settings, and 3d settings. The 3d settings are usually called something like "Color Overlay" or something to that effect. It effects full screen video, and games.
  2. BTW this is with ATI color in the Catalyst drivers.
  3. ya i know what u r talking about, i had that on my desktop but not my laptop, which kinda sux for me.
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