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I have a vista laptop with 2gb ram and an AMD dual core. Well after I get to the desktop page, I click the firefox button, but it takes About 25 seconds for the window to open. Even ie doesn't take that long! Any suggestions?
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  1. use ie
  2. Is that a new session? Or are you restoring the tabs of the last session
  3. Just starting a new session. Other apps take about7 seconds to start, 25 is just ridiculous
  4. make sure you are on the latest firefox (3.5?)

    Also you may need to clear temp files and other junk to make your comp run smooth.

    Check out and do the "One Click Maintenance" (get the free version, and when you install make sure you UNCHECK bar. I hate added bloatware :fou: )
  5. but would that make it take 25 seconds to load?? plus i set firefox so it deletes that junk when i exit
  6. 25 sec is an eternity! My firefox is starts in about .5~1secs and my comp is mid level at best! Try scanning your computer for anything malicious. sometimes there might be something in there that cause it to load plugins at startup and maybe prolong the startup.

    Head to my page and use the kaspersky and windows live oncare scans and see if that comes up with anything
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