need help!! high whistling sound when pushing power button!

hey guys!

i know you are geniuses here and i am in need of some help from some experts.

i bought components for a new pc recently, and this is the setup:
- xfx gts8800
- gigabyte GA-965P-DS3
- E6600 Conroe
- GSkill Ram (2x1 GB, CL 4)
- Be quiet! Power supply 400W blackline (from my old system)

i am watercooling the cpu and the NB (i am a noob but i managed to install a working AC-system)

the big problem is: if i push the power on button from my pc immidiately a high continuous "whistling" warning sound is to hear. Of course i shut off the power immidiately.
i do not think it's the motherboard, because the sound is not a beeping alarm.
i pulled off many connectors, finally leaving the 20pin ATX power connector, the 12V 4pin ATX power connector, one single RAM, the connector for the power button at the case (:-)), one HDD to see whether the system tries to boot, and my graphics card. the problem remains the same.
i don't know whether a graphics card is considered being essential, but when i also remove my GTS then the pc does not start anyway.
could the GTS be the problem?
sadly, i have no second power supply and no second PCIe graphics card for testing purposes....

does someone know what my problem is?
or do you have any clue what it could be?
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  1. just found it out when reading my graphics cards box: needs 6pin connector. that's pity. there was no manual inside my graphics card box. :-(

    26A+? ok... i will read the sticky post, although it's highly technical :-) didn't know there were recommendations.

    i hoped to try my new pc out this weekend... well, i will have to wait now :-(

    thank you for your quick help!
  2. Yes, that was the PSU screaming in pain! Lucky you have working components at this point. Hit the PSU stickies hard, learn it, know it, use it!
  3. yeah, read the whole thing. i read the 101 some weeks ago, but forgot almost everything.
    now i read it all.
    decided that i wanted modular (i hate it having a bunch of unused cables floating around), at least 78% efficiency and after using the claculator, 600+W with at least 33A on the 12Vs.
    Silverstone Decathlon 650W 54A 2 x 6pin/ 1 x 8pin 1 TR YES (>80%) ACTIVE

    that one sounds really nice, but problem 1 was that in europe (i am from germany) this one is not available currently and problem 2 it's too large anyway. my radiator allows a maximum of 170mm room.
    Silverstone Olympia 650W 54A 2 x 6pin/ 1 x 8pin 1 TR NO (>80%) ACTIVE

    ordered this one now. great everywhere except it's not modular and well in jonnyguru's test it didn't achieve th 80% efficiency. but it seems to be a great competitor anyway to all the other PSUs in the reference list.
    Hiper Type-R 730W 56A 2 x 6pin 4 CL YES (78%-82%) ACTIVE

    would have been a nice option, but it's not available here, too :-(. i really miss the modular part in the olympia PSU.

    well, i hope on wednesday or thursday i can turn on my pc without warning signals :-)
  4. yep, sounds like the video card warning. Peace :twisted:
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