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Hello fellow Graphic Artists, I acquired at great expense at the weekend the Wacom Intuios 4 tablet only to find that the problems with 64 bit applications appears not to fixed, both my Max 2011 and Photoshop CS5 would not start. Had to uninstall the driver for the tablet in order to get my work done. Also as most artistic designers are left handed, as I am the system refused to work in left hand mode. I just need to say having saved and spent so much money on what I had hoped would be a productive tool has turned out to be a dud. In this day and age of sophisticated computing we should be able to at by an expensive tool and expect it to work.
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  1. What rubbish is that? "Also as most artistic designers are left handed" Don't think you're so special. Majority are ACTUALLY right handed.
    It would work. Give all the details of your problems. Because I had a genius graphics tablet and it's all the 64-bit apps that now accept whereas they never used to with XP -
    Also - what Operating system are you using? If you expect 64-bit apps to work on normal XP or whatever you're using - the x86 systems.. you need to go read a bit.. :hello:
  2. Hi Phoenix 61,

    Thanks for your constructive feedback. You have your opinion and I respect that. If you keep up with the reading you will see that there has been considerable problems with this hardware and the latest 64bit apps and WIN 7 64. Having said that Wacom help out greatly and all is fixed and working fine.

    Had no intention to upset you, but out of 12 designers / artists in our organisation 9 are left handed.

    Anyway thanks again and have a great artist life ahead of you, even if you are right handed.

    Take care

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