Cannot complete booting XP Pro - before or after XP reinstall

This post concerns a ASUS F5VL laptop.

This may not be the correct place to post, so if a better section of the forums would be more appropriate please tell me.

My Windows XP Pro became corrupted over the weekend, or so I believe. This occurred after disconnecting and reconnecting USB devices (while the system was powered off), then re-booting. An external drive known previously as G was now seen as H. This caused a problem in that Outlook could not find the PST files, and instead of asking me where to find those files it simply closed.

That led me to power down, re-arrange USB the ports into which devices were plugged, in an attempt to cause Windows to see that drive as G. Each time I would power down the machine via Windows, change the arrangement of the USB plugs, and power up again. After many iterations (15-20), Windows suddenly stopped completing the boot process. After the initial Windows screen and the chime, the screen remained dark and would not present the login screen.

Today I took the system to a shop. Various attempts to use CHKDSK, repairing the boot record, and then Windows Repair all failed. After the chime, the screen remains dark and never completed loading Windows. If left to sit for a period, the system suddenly will go into a disk scan. Left to sit longer, that cycle will repeat itself, proceeding to another disk scan.

Ultimately we used Acronis to image the drive and I ran the ASUS Recovery disk. The Ghost process did it's thing, restoring the XP install. Next it asked for the drivers CD, which ran for a prolonged period. Eventually the screen went dark. That was an hour ago, as I allowed the machine to simply sit - hoping it might come up. I'll now go ahead and power down and reboot.

So - what does this sound like? Why did it stop booting while performing consecutive power down and reboot cycles? Why, after running the Windows recovery, does it still not complete loading Windows?

FWIW, we did have a 2nd monitor plugged in and that display stays dark as well, in case the concern is that the laptop monitor itself has an issue. And when I go into setup mode, the dispaly appears to function properly.
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  1. just a guess, sounds like a serious hardware issue, you have the Acronis disk, did you run any of the test programs, try using a Ultimate boot CD, and run tests for the mother board and video, but I am inclined to think near death experience
  2. @GBDG

    Do you know what BIOS flash the laptop is flashed to?
    204 was the original release.
    211 11/07
    213 01/08 Addressed USB issues

    Are you running the original battery or have you replaced it?

    IF you are running the original battery it could very well be causing some of the issues, even if you are plugged directly into the wall, because once that battery begins to loose its recharge response, your whole laptop will begin to loose function.

    Since you took it to a shop did they check and test the battery, the CPU cooling, and run any diagnostic programs on it?

    Ultimately we used Acronis to image the drive

    Imaged to what? DVD Backup Disks? New HDD? External HDD?

    I ran the ASUS Recovery disk

    Its beginning to sound like HDD failure, has any diagnostics been run on the HDD?

    If you will? Please answer these questions to the best of your knowledge?
  3. We imaged to an external HDD. Not sure about the BIOS level, and no - we didn't do the diagnostics you refer to.

    Tuesday I returned to the repair shop. We tried formatting and re-installing using an OEM Windows CD instead of the ASUS Recovery CD. That led to the same results - incomplete boot.

    ASUS issued an RMA and I sent the machine to them. Waiting for it to return.

    This is on top of my other computer having failed, then when I decided to upgrand the CPU and then reinstall XP, the BIOS update failed and that system is dead as well. Waiting for new BIOS chip from Nightmare...
  4. Seems this isn't your month, is it!
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