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I just recently tried to reformat and now my keyboard stops responding when I first turn my computer on and works when the Windows loading screen appears. I need to do a clean install, but I can't access my bios because of this problem. I was able to get into my bios and disable my hard drive so it would boot from the Windows CD, but after that the keyboard stopping responding and when it said to Press any key to boot from CD, I couldn't. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been able to reformat numerous times in the past without any problems. Also, the keyboard works fine after the Windows loading screen, I can do everything as normal. Just can't access my bios or the screen after that says Press any key to boot from CD...

AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
2 gigs of wintec 6400 ram
200 gb samsung hard drive
xfx nvidia 7600 gt pci graphics card
windows vista home premium oem
i'm using the microsoft standard black ps2 keyboard and intellimouse explorer 3

i built the exact computer that was listed in the budget system on may 8th here on toms hardware.

again, any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
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  1. Borrow a ps2 keyboard or usb to ps2 adapter (assuming you have USB keyboard) and try it with that
  2. I have a PS2 Keyboard and tried borrowing another ps2 keyboard, but that didn't work. All of my friends use the same keyboard as me, so i'm not sure if i can get a USB one.
  3. Ah..sorry... missed the part where you said you had a ps2 keyboard :oops: Have you tried clearing CMOS to reset the bios? I can't imagine anything else ecxept disabling something in the bios or USB failure('not for you though :D ) causing your keyboard not to respond.

    Do your keyboard lights light up when you boot?
  4. yeah you might want to try resetting cmos or it could be a motherboard faulty
    if resettings the cmos and going into bios to config doesnt work its the motherboard's ps2 port
  5. I third a jumper reset of your bios.
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