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Help me please. I don't know much about computers but I really need help with my computer. Okay I'll go on with it...ever since my computer got a virus, it started beeping and rebooted over and over again so I tried partitioning it on windows xp to create another one and it worked but when I downloaded service pack 1. My computer restarted over and over again so I tried partitioning again but it didn't work. It stated that setup cannot access disk and I couldn't do anything about it. when i clicked a button like to delete, the blue screen of death appears stating something about 0x0000008e. Please help me. I don't know how to fix this problem. My hard drive worked before...I tried putting in another hard drive and my computer went okay but please help me. I don't know how to fix this hard drive :( I don't think its the windows disk's problem so yeah. :( Pretty please?
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  1. first reinstalling windows only guarantees more problems because the virus is still there so now the question is can you save the data on the drive and strip the drive and write zero's to it, then reinstall XP, but this could have been fixed in a few minutes if it were not for the 2nd windows install, and get a A/V program now
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