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I have a problem with low volumes on things like videos, music, and especially flash videos and I'm looking for a software volume boost application. There are no problems with my sound card, and my volume is maxed, but the soundmax drivers do not have any way of boosting my volume more than 100%. I know that I can use speakers to increase volume output, but that's not what I'm looking for. So far I've used about three video players that have a built in volume boost: VLC, Classic Media Player, and MPUI, so I know about the sound clipping when trying to force a higher volume, however these are good only when playing media files. What I need is some sort of windows volume control that has the same built in function so I can increase all volume output for 500% for example if I need to.
This way I can watch flash videos with low volumes without using a speaker, or downloading them and using those media players. I've searched a lot for such applications and no luck so far, I hope someone can help.
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  1. Find an application that has a graphic equalizer and up all of the frequencies.

    If you think about what you are asking, it's a bit silly, you can't magically increase your volume by several times without having the needed speakers and amplifier.

    If you are using built-in speakers, you won't get good volume out of them.
  2. I'm not trying to make a disco out of a built in speaker. I'm only trying to solve the problem of having a low sound flash video, let's say 50% of the desired volume. When using media players such as MPUI you don't get noticeable sound clipping until over 200%-300% of volume, and such an application is useful for example while watching movies with low volumes while traveling without the need of a special media player. MPUI can increase the volume to 1000% even, but with horrible clipping, though it's not the issue of wanting to have a very loud speaker. It's about changing the volume on barely audible media in order to actually understand the content. I'm very pleased with the results of software volume boost media players, I just wanted something that affects all audio so I can use it for other sources like flash videos.
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