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Hey everybody, I hope you are all doing well. I have a problem that I have been living with for 4 months and im finally so sick of it im trying to do something about it here it is. Basically every few minutes my internet cuts out for a second, its not enough to really interrupt web surfing or to sign you out of a messenger, but its enough to freeze whatever online computer game im playing for 10-20 seconds (Usually Team Fortress II). In the game my screen will freeze, and say connection error in the top left corner, and then all of a sudden the game plays in fast foward for a second and catches up and I can play normal again, now I got so sick of this that I stopped using my computer and started playing xbox360 and using xbox live to play games, and this problem has been happening there also. But on xbox it completley drops the game, and usually I can rejoin right back into it (Minus score and experience I might have earned in the match). Im at the point where im not even using my computer or games anymore, I come home at night and sit and watch infomercials because gaming is just going to stress me out. Anybody have any idea what is causing this?

I have tried the following, turning off the pcs in the house and just running xbox in the possible event that one of the pcs has some kind of malware thats eating up the bandwith. I still had the same problem. I have tried hooking the xbox directly to the router instead of connecting wirelessly and it still has the same problem. Im thinking there might be a problem with the actual cable signal coming to the house or maybe im crazy? Is there some router setting I might have bungled in setting this all up?? Any help or input is appreciated, thanks in advance and have a great thanksgiving.
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  1. Anybody?? Cable guy came recently, said the line was split to many times, and fixed it said I should be all set, still having the same exact problem, anyone have any ideas>?>?
  2. If your using multiple outlets, could get a signal amplifier. The cable guy installed one for free. When I was looking to buy one 2 years ago, they were kind of pricey but don't remember how much they were. At one time we had 5 TVs and 4 computers using RoadRunner and it really helped. Most of the cable guys are alright especially if you ask them a few reasonably intelligent questions and they'll do a lot for you. I also had one guy screw up some wiring and the next guy out fixed.
  3. Have the cable company come out and test the signal strength on the cable. Also make sure that the line running to your cable modem is a dedicated line from the first splitter. Dont run anything off that line except the modem. All other tvs should be run off the 2nd line from the splitter.
  4. Strum's advice is what you want to follow. Don't forget to try to connect either the PC or Xbox directly to the modem end see if the problem persists. If you no longer have the problem when conencted directly to the modem the router is the likely culprit.
  5. yeah, get a signal amplifier.....same thing happened to me not too long ago
  6. Could be spyware slowing it down too, I had similar problems.
  7. Your going to love me people, this is how to sort out the problem:

    1. Log into the configuration mode for the router
    2. Along the side you will find a tab called "wireless LAN" or something similar
    3. In this tab you will find a section you can change called "ReAuthentication Timer" this was set at 1800 seconds for me so that only gave me half a hour of gameplay before it cuts out
    5. Set this to whatever you like, i set it to 7200 which gave me 2 hours of uninterupted gameplay
    6. Dont forget to click apply when your finished.

    The reauthentication timer give the wireless devices connected onto the router a time in which they had to reauthenticate, while on a laptop or pc you would not notice this, however it interupted the gameplay on the xbox
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