Reformat Problem Help needed

So my procedure to reformat is

i put in my xp cd, select new installation.

then it restarts comp and takes me to the setup screen.

And i follow the instructions.

then it takes me to a page where it lists my harddrive, i only have one harddrive 80 gb, it says i have one partioned space of 78 gb, 50 gb left. and one unpartioned space of like 8 mb

So i attempt to delete the 78 gb partion, because thats my only other choice, except to install another operating system on the same partion.

So i attempt to delete it, and then i get an error saying that i can not delete the partion because there are setup files located in this partion that are required to complete the installation.

so what do i do?

i only have 1 harddrive :/
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  1. You could try getting hold of a boot disk ( and try removing the partitions from DOS (diskpart).

    The XP setup should then see an empty hd.
  2. That is an easy one. Try to locate in the net gparted. Gparted allows you to do whatever you want on an hd. The main thing that you have to dowload the iso file. The burn the iso, it creates a boot cd. Now boot with this cd (I asume that you know how to configure your pc´s bios to boot from a cd) and voila¡¡¡ Gparted uses a graphic interface to make any operation.

    Buena suerte¡¡

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