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Wicth antivirus and spyware

First off i love to surf freeware download and play around with programs
hate to say it my roommate like to surf adult sites we only have the one computer so what im looking for is the best antivirus for that kind of stuff
And what is one of the best anti spyware to use. I no i have to use more than one anti spyware to scan with i use malwarebytes a squaeed
Iobit security 360 spyware terminator super anti spyware but all of them
Are freeware i was looking at kaspersky vipre and eset nod32 i have
Used avast did not like it and to many virus and spyware got past it
Norton not real big fan but its ok pc tools but found some viruses could
Turn it off mcafee cant answer have not used in a long time so if anyone
Can tell me what antivirus to use and anti spyware that would be grate
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  1. Don't use Norton... slows your PC down too much.
    I used ESET for 2 years and I did not had nay problems with it at all. Always detected a threat on a website and it did not slow my PC down as much as Norton did.
    I recently got AVG for free when got my PC built.. .seemed cool but It didn't protect my computer properly and got *** lots of Trojans and had to reinstall my system 2 days ago.
    I be getting Kaspersky Internet security tomorow from my local shop for £20 (official website price is £40)...

    Kaspersky seems really good considering the reviews and I will give it a go.

    Reviews on the best AV :

    Also some might suggest free AV software... Its your choice but knowing that you pay a company to build a software which gets good reviews is the best way to be sure that you are well protected. But thats just me....
  2. Check out the malware guide in my signature. It has some useful tools for cleaning and protecting a PC.
  3. Or you could put a password on it and tell him no computer till he stops using the questionable sites, lol.
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    comodo internet security.
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