same card..... different Brands, how to choose...

will there be a major difference if one buys the

8800GTS 320MB 320-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 HDCP Video Card

offered by

Evga or Leadtek or Gigabyte...

All three are available for a difference of very little price...

What should one go in for out of the 3...
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  1. Well, look at the price, warranty, and what's in the package.

    Most people would go for eVGA from those three, as they are known more for making graphic cards.

    Other cards are basically the same, just different picture on the heatsink. If price difference is small, go for the eVGA, unless the other brands include something that interests you more.
  2. Evga out performs them all - i build systems and i buy different cards to rotate rebates.

    it seems that evga cards are the best hands down - even they should be the same
  3. choose EVGA you wont be disapointed even if it dies they will get you a new one :D
  4. Yeah, eVGA FTW!

    Heh, I seriously just realized what eVGA means. That's pretty cool. :D
  5. dont be stupid, the chipset is made by nvidia, and are mounted by a nvdia contractor... so no diference. Chose by price, warranty and bundle
  6. one thing i noticed through the 7000 series was evga cards usually had higher clock speeds not to mention the step up program and the life time warranty. You can usually catch some good rebates with evga as well i think i paid around 260 for my 8800gts
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