Newb here. Please evaluate my build and advice.

Hey everyone,
after trolling for a bit and reading around in the forums I've decided to post for the first time. I'm really new to the world of custom self-built computers, but I've done enough research on the topic to feel comfortable enough to build my own.

Mainly, my system will be used as a moderate gaming, graphics programs and occasionaly video editing machine. A rig that could handle any task I throw at it while still on a budget.

Although I've never done it, I plan to overclock this beast as it sounds exciting to do and why not squeeze some free speed out of it? Countless hours of research, comparison and budgeting went into the parts selection. With that said, all of the components minus cables and such have been ordered and should arrive shortly. Here's what my system will consist of:

Intel Core 2 Duo E4300
G.Skill (2GB) ddr2 800 RAM
XFX Nvidia GeForce 7600GT
Seagate Barracuda 250GB SATA
(2) Samsung SATA DVD-R combo
Zalman 9500 CPU Cooling fan/heatsink
ePower 550W PSU
CoolerMaster ATX cheapo case
(2) 120mm fans & (1) 80mm fan

From what I've seen, ppl have been OC'ing that very same MoBo/CPU/Ram combo to 3.0GHz easily with adequate cooling.

Time for the questions...
Does my rig seem sufficiently cooled to realisticly reach my 3.0GHz goal?
Is my power supply big enough?
How is "burn in" done exactly?
What programs do I need to d/l to aid me in OC'ing besides CPU-z?

Sorry for sounding noobish but I'm really excited about my very first build.
Thanks in advance for any input. Any additional advice would be appreciated.
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  1. Nobody has anything to add that will help a newbie out?
  2. looks good cept you might have wanted to spend a little more on the graphics card for it to last a little longer, im not sure how long the 7600gt will be able to keep up,

    high quality power supplys are important, not just the number of watts... that power supply isn't on the power supply reference list although it seems like its probably a decent power supply. should be powerful enough for sure.

    good luck and have fun
  3. Drop the expensive Zalman cooling and take the Freezer 7+. The 9500's and 9700's are overhyped and perform lousy at their price point. Shave some money on the mems and go for 667 MHz - You can overclock them without any problems. The savings could bring You closer to a more decent graphics card - maybe a 7900GS.
  4. thanks for chiming in guys, this is kind of feedback a noob i was hoping for. If someone could add some oc'ing advice that would be great 8)
  5. I recommend this power supply. I know it costs more. But it is much less likely to crap out on you and destroy some of your components.
  6. just by going with ddr2 667 you should be able to get a 7900GS or I'm not 100% sure about it's performance increase vs the 7600GT, but right now there is a 8600GT with a big HSF on for 109.99USD

    from what I've seen in reviews they say the 8600GTs perform between 7600GTs and 7900GSs or about the same as 7900GSs. and at $110 it is worth the DX10 since it will at least be equal to a 7600GT.
  7. be realistic you won't be able to play any dx10 games on a 8600
  8. Uck this site has way too many Nshittia fanboys. If you want a directX10 card that will play DX10 games decently get no lower than a 8800GTS 640mb card. Or dare I say try ATi?! Waaayyyyy better driver support. There is no argument there either. You can try, but don't, I've dealt with both companies extensively. Anyways though, if you want something decent that will play dx9 games deffinitely go with a x1950GT or x1950PRO, depending on your budget. Though for $299.00 the 8800GTS 320mb will run dx9 superbly now but (shocker) will not really be up to snuff with DX10. I am waiting for that 1gb 2900xt. Flame away you bastards.
  9. That all being said, there won't be much usefullness in this round of DX10 offerings. Afterall these two idiots put their BEST two offerings up 1st Re: HD2900 and 8800 series. The current and next releases are ALL downhill from here Re: the 2600/8600, 2400/8400. A breath of fresh air with the ATi 2800 series (back up to 256 bit) don't hold yer hand on yer a$$.

    My only gripe here is that I find it amazingly ridiculous that the newer NV MoBo's are better set-up than the ATi's ESPECIALLY in uATX form factor. Because of MOBO design, I'm going w/NV, and not because I like a cripped 8600 even if from asus. Rather, the cripped MOBO design for AMD/ATi using a fairly decent x1950GT. AMD/ATI uATX mobo's shamefully, and embarassing poor OC. New NV7025 and 7050 do better... much better 7900 or 8600 (I know... way different: but thats the point).

  10. ok, my two cents. One the e4300 is a descent oc'er and will at least get you to 2.8 on air. I can tell you're on a budget based on the selection, but for gaming and graphics programming, you need a better Graphic card to keep up. I use a Freezer 7, and it works very good, so you can save money and go that wrought.
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