I did it too. Help make it boot !

I copied/cloned my failing C: to a drive on USB.
C: drive has now failed and I need the copy to become bootable.
Why can't this question be a simple answer.
What happened to fdisk utilities?

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  1. The easiest thing to do would be to get a new HDD and copy it back.
    USB drives generally arent bootable.
  2. glad you put sooooo much thought into a useless answer

    for anyone else reading out there,
    I copied it to a new HDD but the image is not bootable, and the drive being formatted via USB in XP does not have options to be bootable. tell me there is SOMEONE out there who made a little proggie for this. ( and if not, then here's your chance to make something usefull)

    fdisk would have been simple( go in tell it to make partition bootable) problem solved. ALAS!...

    and USB drives generally CAN be made bootable, but that's not my issue.
  3. Did you copy it or clone it?
    If it was cloned then the clone should be bootable on a HDD.
    If it was copied then a repair install should be able to get it back.

    I just reloaded everything (dual boot) 2 days ago with a cloned image from my external drive and it booted up the first time.
  4. yes, ok, YOU did it. BUT, HOW did you prep the drive? how was it formatted, and in what OS? the whole part of my needing a bootable partition is being left out of your responses.

    i had already tried to do a repair with no luck after 3 failed attempts of different configurations and what-not, along with many other things i could think of.

    I'm sure the fact that i had just joined these messy-boards giving my profile noob status made every answer more of a sighed retort than an educated answer specific to what i needed. (I need to know how to make a partition bootable in an XP environment that has NO utility to do so(that i could find).)

    I was a tech for G.E., among other biggies pre-Y2K. The changes over the last decade have not been followed so closely on a tech level, but as a casual user.

    . . .but thanks for a reply, although useless, you at least sighed louder than the others here.
  5. Your being new here doesnt bother me one way or the other.
    Im trying to find out what you did so that I can answer you in a more helpful way.
    What program did you use to clone the drive?

    I personally used Norton Ghost.
    I partitioned with a XP disk and formatted it to NTFS file system.
    I then put in a bootable Norton disk, went to my external and did the restore.
    Without knowing exactly what you did makes it very hard to offer a solution.

    BTW Im trying to help but your attitude doesnt make it any easier for me to want to continue.
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