Dhcp configuarations

my server has one NIC card which goes to a basic switch, (3com 8port)

ip :
subnet mask:
default GW : (blank)
prefereed DNS :
alternate DNS : (blank)

still i could not get through my switch from my laptop computer
however, i put in a static address in the laptop which was in the range of the scope ( to i put in
i recieved connectivity clear and i could ping the server and the server could ping my laptop too.
but DHCP was not doing what it is meant to do. it shows not connected. when i double click it then shows running and active. but it wont assign IP addresses automatically as it should.

atleast i know my cable and my switch are okay.
now what is not right?
could you help please?
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  1. What sort of DHCP server do you have? Presumably it's on your router. Make and model would help.

    You have no default gateway assigned, which is obviously going to cause problems.
  2. thanx for the care and reply.
    i dont have a router, its just an HP convertible minitower with one NIC card that connects to the switch which switch connects other users. but since am in a lab trying to make things work before deployment, am struck at this point where the DHCP wont assigna addresses automatically.

    i have so far given roles for DC, DNS and DHCP only. icant go anywhere else before i figure this out,
    please help
  3. So where is your DHCP server? Are you running Windows Server, if so which version, and have configured a DHCP server on that? If so, what do the event logs tell you.

    You really need to help other help you by giving a few more details of your system.
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