Help!!! I know many have had this problem? Incompatible Case

Ok short and simple. Took an old Compaq PC. Stripped the guts. Put in new guts. Connected everything back. But the power switch connector isn't compatible. By that i mean those connectors that affiliate the power button, hard drive activity light, reset switch, and leds are fixed for just the Compaq's original motherboard. Who has gone around this and how? Everybody put your input please. I was thinking of pulling those wires and modding it which will be a pain. Is there anyway to replace a case's power switch?
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  1. If it comes down to it...

    If you don't want to reach into your case every time you want to use your computer, FrozenCPU also sells extention cables for $2 each, just hack off one end and solder 'em to the buttons on our case.
  2. I would check the manual that came with the mobo. and see where the connections are for the LED's and switches. However if you have a single connector for everything then you will have to purchase the above mentioned components, or you can mod come cables to fit. The little four prong plugs on the CD sound cables work really good.
  3. It does have a single connector. So either I mod the connector and solder my own or go with one of those all in ones. Any ideas? I read somewhere you can touch 2 pins and jump start any computer with the power outlet connected. well haven't tried it but i will.
  4. ok good idea. I'll give it the shot first. Now just to figure out which is the ground and which is the positive. :). Thank you guys for posting. Keep on posting i'll be on the look out for good ideas.
  5. ok and what about the whole ground/positive?
  6. perfect my man. I think i'm in love. haha. thanks.
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