My user account is limited, i have no administrator rights, i need to figure out

okay... since my user account is limited, i cant download things. one other account on my computer is unfortunately my fathers.. he is the administrator and has administrator rights to download things. and well since i dont know it, i need it ASAP. His password hint is :defualt.not default, the 'u' is first before the 'a'. so i have no idea, i just need anything to help me crack his password so i can download a certain software.
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  1. You can boot into safe mode w/ networking and choose the administrator account.
  2. Why are you helping the punk break into a computer that his father locked him out of? Hopefully his father passworded the Adminstrator account as well.
  3. People don't always password lock their account with the purpose of locking down the other users.

    The father may not know much about computers. May not even know he's the only admin account.

    Calling the OP a punk may be a bit harsh on your part. You don't know him or the situation.

    I'm not giving advice on how to break into his dad's account.
  4. I work on many home computers and am willing to bet $1 to $100 that the father setup his son's account as a limited account on purpose. Why doesn't the OP just ask his father for the password? Yes, you telling him how to break into his father's account.
  5. I'm not telling him how to break into his father's personal account. There is a separate, default, admin account in safe mode. It's not the same user account his father uses with the password lock.

    I work on a lot of computers too. I've seen that a lot of older people don't know what they're doing. Most have no clue what a user account with administrator rights are. It could very well have been an oops.

    Do you like telling people your passwords?
  6. I just happen to read this thread and I can say... wow!

    I agree with both of you but my question is since this is a debate I'll put in my say.
    no fighting guys ok :) why can't his father put in the password for him, he doesn't need to know the password.... so his son can install program or get him here on this thread so you knows what's going on.

    Yes, his father may have very little computer exper.
    The son may have been downloading spyware,virus. so his father may very well locked him out.

    also, the kid was telling people here the truth and didn't need to bring up his father.
    a lot of older people don't know what they're doing. Most have no clue what a user account with administrator rights are. It could very well have been an oops. yes, This is so true too.

    I hope you decide well, either way. I'm just saying this is a tough choice on both partys.

    be nice!

    Mighty Mouse
  7. 1. If the OP can get into the hidden Administrator account, he can change the password on his father's account.

    2. Why would the father make the son's account Limited (Administrator is default) and put a password on his account if he didn't know what he was doing?
  8. Like I said, older people don't always know what they're doing. My mom was trying to set up user accounts for herself, husband, and my sister. My sister ended up with the admin rights, and parents had guest accounts. They just didn't know what they were doing.
  9. I have to agree with Grumpy here.

    The OP's dad has obviously researched creating a limited user account. Creating password security and applying restrictions to "download things", I can only imagine these "things" are executable files, as simple web browsing in itself is downloading.

    Also the OP goes descriptively into guessing the password by way of analysing the hint. This is a "social engineering" attack. He also mentions the word "Crack", I don't think this is unintentional, or naivety.

    I could be wrong, but to me it smacks of devilry.
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