Second display adapter not showing in device manager

I have 2 Nvidia GeForce 9600gt cards in my Vista 64 bit machine. I was running three monitors all working fine before I installed the Vista sp2. In device manager under Display Adapters two Nvidia GeForce 9600gt show, are these ports or cards? In other words should there be four (4) entries of the 9600gt?

I also updated the drivers from to

When I try to bring up the Nvidia Display Panel it can't be created, "Possible reasons include version mismatch reinstalling drivers may solve this problem.

Currently two out of the three monitors I can move the cursor across, the third monitor has a signal, but I can't move the cursor to it.

Anyone have any ideas on how to correct this problem?
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  1. Added information to my initial input....I uninstalled sp2 thinking all three monitors would work as they did before installing sp2 but the situation is as stated above
  2. uninstall your display drivers and reinstall them see how you get on with that, dont just install over the existing drivers ;)
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