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have no sound from pc . Cant update drivers ,they want instsll help I see the driver listed in the hard ware so now what HELP .
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  1. Check the device manager for conflicts. You may need to uninstall your driver and download them again.
  2. also, did you check your back of your PC?

    The Volume control?
    is your video card intergrated or a PCIe, AVG, what's the name of your video card.

    what make and model is your Computer.... a serial number maybe nice to.


    Might Mouse
  3. Not real sure what the back of the computer, video card, or AVG have to do with the volume.
  4. I would like to say it is nice to meet you! :)

    sometimes, the speaker cable may have either came out or someone put it in the wrong input.

    The volume control in XP not the speaker nob but he can check that too.

    another thing, do you know for sure if this is a new hardware upgrade or not?... he is not really making it clear to me or mention any of it. He may have put a new hardware "video card" in the system and that driver may or may not have work right.... so, upgrade the driver. however, he also may have a intergrated video card and it might need to be disable in the bios in order to make the AVG, PCIe, video card to work if he didn't dissable the intergrated video card and was installing a AVG,PCIe.... this could cause a conflict as well in this case could cause the sound not to work. This is why I'm asking these question. there are many reason why a sound card doesn't work.

    do you see my point now? now this driver upgrade may work without all this info if his lucky.

    however, I just wanted to point things out incase it may not be a upgrade driver fix since he never mention his specs. forgot to mention in my lasy post if he was installing a new video card and did he try safemode to install this driver?

    it's a learning lesson for all of us and I'm still learning everyday this is why all of us are here. :hello:

    Might Mouse
  5. I think you mean AGP video cards. AGP is a slower/older slot older motherboards used for video cards. AVG is a virus scanner.

    Checking the speaker port may be a good step. Video card drivers aren't going to affect your sound. I wouldn't advise overhauling your system drivers, because your sound won't work.

    The OP isn't even mentioning installing new hardware. OP said he sees the driver listed. I think you're sending the OP on a wild goose chase when the problem is very likely the audio driver. Though I do commend your zeal and imagination in helping out. Welcome to Tom's forum.
  6. opps, I kow what a AVG is and AGP is.. my mind was somewhere else for some reason "virus scanner" and type it more then once :lol:

    "The OP isn't even mentioning installing new hardware"

    he also never mention his specs and the name of his card .... this is why I brought this issue up.... if he did I wouldn't need to.

    also, I mention it could happen if new hardware is install "video card" not drivers and you have a intergrated video card which in this case could cause a conflict. I never said it well happen "I said it could happen". it happen to me once and that's how I fix it. found that a little strange with my exper.I also had exper fixing other people sound cards as well.

    however, I do see your point when you mention: I think you're sending the OP on a wild goose chase when the problem is very likely the audio driver. well wait and see for the next reply

    and thanks for the welcome

    Mighty Mouse :hello:
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