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I'm wondering if there is software that allows you to manually and quickly reduce the brightness of your monitor.

I understand that I could manually reduce brightness with the physical keys -- but that takes far too long with the menus and sub-menus on my monitor (Samsung 2333sw).

I also understand that software that dims or reduces brightness may not actually reduce brightness (i.e., power output), but may only make the screen darker. I need it to reduce eye strain when I'm working in a dark room.

I tried an application called "Power Dimmer," but it doesn't serve my purposes. It functions as a screen saver. In other words, it won't work if I'm using the computer.

Final note: I know that this program exists for OSX. It's called ScreenShade, and does exactly what is described here. Anyone know of an option for XP?
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  1. you could probobly use the display properties to achieve what you are wanting...

    if your machine has nvidia card, then im pretty sure you can make hotkeys or something to change the gamma curve or brightness. i know you can manual do that. again it takes a little bit of clicking... i'm sure there is some way to automate it. via profiles or something. look into that.


    acutualy it only takes two mouse clicks and a scrollwheel flick to adjust the brightness rather easily...

    right click desktop, click nvidia controll panel, click adjust desktop color settings, flick your scroll wheel untill your satisfied. Done thats about as easy as i can get it for you.

    if your not on nvidia graphics, then youll have to figure it out on your own or ask someone else.
  2. Try this:
    It works for me.
    I just purchased a new LED monitor and it's waaay too bright. If using a white background with black text, I have to wear shades... :sol:
    With this utility the brightness level can be adjusted even below what the video card driver can accomplish.
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