Diver Whiz-How do I uninstall it.?

I need to get rid of this Driver Whiz. I have tried system restore, but even that does not get it off. Now every time I start my computer this Windows Installer keep poping up.
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  1. Download revo uninstaller. Run revo, and driver whiz should be listed in the installed applications. You can use revo to uninstall it, and check for stray registry entries.
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  3. Gotta agree on revo uninstaller man. Let it run the moderate uninstall, that should be sufficient. I've used that on programs that even refused to uninstall, and after I got past the stage where the built in uninstaller said no, I clicked next and simply had revo hunt down all files and registry entries associated with said program, nuke em, problem solved. Had to do that with a norton program once or twice actually....
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