HIGH case temps -- Well, I think so.... Help please!!

I am worried about my case temps

I have :
AMD 5200+ @2.8Ghz stock cooler
EVGA 590SLI Mobo
2 120mm Rosewill case fans - 1 in front on bottom and 1 in top rear
1 80mm Rosewill side case fan - blowing in toward cpu
one hard drive
Logisys Dracula Case

These temps are under idle - just running internet etc....

Speedfan reports the temps as:

System - 52C
CPU - 52C
AUX - 54C
Core - 34C

Everest Ultimate says this:

Mobo - 52C
CPU - 52C
Core1 - 38C
Core2 - 33C
Aux - 53C
GPU diode - 61C

Motherboard Monitor 5 does not support EVGA boards

Nvidia Ntune will not run - I am running Vista Ultimate

Any ideas?

Is the CPU temp important or the Core temp?
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More about high case temps well please
  1. I don't know if this would help - What about the Yate Loon 120mm D12SL-12 case fans?

    If I replaced the existing ones with these, would it help? They seem to be well reviewed on the web.....

    I wonder if it is my case, or if it is the monitoring software, or possibly the fans.... I'll post a link for pics on the case and try to find details on the fans
  2. Here is a link with pics of the case without my system installed - for some reason I can't upload pics.....




    Here is the link for my case fans


    However, my cable management is good, and I don't think that is the problem.

    You can see from the pics that the lower front I have a 120mm mounted, and another on the upper rear.

    I have removed the mesh from the case behind the rear fan to allow more air to be blown out.
  3. Any help?

  4. nope - they are just idle - i think that the system, cpu and aux are the same sensor - under load they dont change - my core temp changes but the others stay pretty much the same - maybe a few degrees different....
  5. Just to state the obvious, but have u got the orientation correct ie. the air flow going in the right direction.

    In general:

    Exhaust - Top and Back
    Intake - Bottom and Front (and sides possibly but i think u could debate this one)

    So just give a wee check on each fan, a simple method i sometimes use is a small piece of light paper, if sticks to the fan grill then its intake else probably exhaust.

    Other than that, are u living in the Sahara by chance :)
  6. Quote:
    Just to state the obvious, but have u got the orientation correct ie. the air flow going in the right direction.

    In general:

    Exhaust - Top and Back
    Intake - Bottom and Front (and sides possibly but i think u could debate this one)

    Yes, this is the one thing that occurred to me; be sure the lower front fan is an INTAKE, not an exhaust. I'm assuming you've made sure they're turning at a proper rate of speed, and any grills or filters aren't plugged with cat hair.
  7. Your case is high on bling, but low on cooling. Only one 120mm input and one 120mm output (plus side &psu) does not seem like much for a hot cpu & vga card. I can think of two options:
    1) Replace the 120mm fans with higher capacity units. The price is added noise.
    2) Replace the vga cooler with this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835186130
    arctic cooling NV6 rev-2. Reports are that it fits the 7600GT nicely. The advantage is that it expels the vga's hot air out the back instead of recirculating it. I used a similar option an a machine a while back, and it reduced case, cpu and vga temperatures nicely. This will not void your EVGA warranty; just save the old cooler to reinstall in case you need to send it back.
  8. I have a 80mm side fan and my psu has a 120mm fan on it..... Whick capacity would be good? I was looking at these Yate Loon fans.



    I am buying a Ultra 120 Extreme cooler and planning to mount two of either in a push pull config, and replacing the other two case fans when I do....

    With 4 fans, would that be sufficient?

    Also, right now, the front fan is set for intake, and the rear fan is exhaust.
    The side 80mm is intake and the psu is exhaust.

    Any other ideas?
  9. If your case temperature is hot, then the best that a very good cpu cooler can do is approach the case temperature plus 5c or so. Don't count on the PSU fan; it's job is to protect itself, not ventilate the case, and will speed up only when things have gotten too hot already. Put something like this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835705004 a high speed 114 cfm panaflo fan in front and rear. Be warned, it will be noisy. Also remember that the best case temperature will always be hotter than the room temperature. Can you turn down the heat in the room? The 80mm fan can vary from 20cfm to 80 cfm for a real screamer; it is probably not helping much. Both of the fans you referenced are good, but they do not do much cooling; they are for being quiet. For $17 or so, use the NV silencer I referenced on your vga card before you spend more on anything else. You need to get the case temperatures under control before a better cpu cooler can do any good.
  10. First you need to test whether it's your airflow that's the problem. Take the side off of the case and see if temps go down.
  11. I did that

    I took a small desk fan ( about 10 inches in diameter )

    I took off the side of the case and put the fan right next to it on high...

    It only dropped the temps about 2 degrees Celcius

    I wonder if I might just have a bad temp probe on the mobo...
  12. This is what I am trying....

    I bought 4 of these


    And I will mount one for intake, one for exhause and one on this....


    The airflow on the 120 extreme will blow towards the back of the case and toward the exhaust fan on the case.

    If it fits I will put the fourth fan on the 120 in a pull setup and have all four going at once.

    I realize that this may make me remove the 80mm side cooler for clearance for the 120 extreme.

    Are there any good 5.25" bay fans?
  13. We it doesn't sound like you have an airflow problem to me as opening the fan and pointing a desk fan at it should sort out any airflow issues.

    What is the ambient temperature next to your case? Is it in the sun?
  14. Your core temps are good, lower then your CPU temp.....make sure your GPU is getting good air flow, it and the Mobo is the only thing I can think up that would cause heat problems at this point.
  15. Yeah.... That's what I thought.

    When I look at speedfan and it has the temps, Are those just the motherboard temps? If so, what can I do to lower them?

    Look at the mobo


    The fan on the motherboard is RIGHT behind the video card.

    I only have a 7600Gt and it stops just over the short heatsink/fan combo, so a large cooler would not clear the vid card's pcb....

    Right now with the pc idleing for hours, the temps are

    System - 52C
    CPU - 52C
    Aux - 53C
    Core - 34C

    Now CPU, what does that measure?
    Is the core temp more important or the CPU temp?
  16. Also,

    The temp in my house stays at a pretty steady 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Which I believe is around 21 - 22 deg Celcius.... plenty cool.
  17. You could be looking at the wrong temperature in speedfan. Run Prime 95 to stress out your CPU, and watch for the temperature that climbs steadily - that will be the CPU.
  18. The temp in my house is about 78 average, and my cores ideal about 35 - 36 oC and my case temp is about 32oC (I'm not overclocked right now though). and my cpu is idling between 46 and 50oC (my card is suppose to run hot). But I have a large house fan pointed in my case until I can by 7 new 120mm fans.

    Point a fan so that it pushed more air to you graphics card and Mobo fan, and make sure that your card have clear air flow. Maybe pull another plate off in the back to give more room for air to leave.
  19. With all those fans you've tried, it is hard not to think the sensors may be off. Are the heatsinks hot to the touch?

    What PSU are you using? If it's a cheap one, maybe your voltages are way out of spec and causing overheating, or the PSU is acting as a space heater inside your case.
  20. With a house fan running, there will be good ventilation of the case, so adding more/powerful fans should not solve the problem. It won't hurt to get that under control though. Are you certain that the fan on the stock cooler is actually spinning? Assuming it is, then I suspect a problem in the cpu/heatsink interface. Take the heat sink off, and check that both it and the cpu are flat. If they are not, then you may have to level them out by lapping. Look at how much thermal interface material there is. More is not better. Too little is not good either. Any way, get some good thermal compound(shin-etsu x23 or arctic silver as5) and reseat the heat sink.
    ---good luck---
  21. I ran Prime95 Last night - Right now I'm at 2.82Ghz with stock vcore and such...

    6 hours perfect with no errors and Speedfan showed the core maxing out at 41C

    I'm idling right now at 37C

    My question is this:

    I know the core temps..... But what is the CPU temp?

    I think that the speedfan recognizes that the cores are pretty good, but maybe it doesn't read the EVGA mobo that well......

    My PSU is a good Hiper one.... I like it a lot.

    My fans are scheduled to be here Friday and the Ultra 120 Extreme on Monday, so I'll just replace the case fans first and check temps on the system and inside the case first, and the on Monday I'll install the 120 Extreme and see what that does to the core temps
  22. Is there a fan on the heatsink of your NorthBridge?

    If there's not, I suggest u buy an active cooling system for your NB which is below US$10 (pure copper heatsink with a 4020 two-ball bearing fan)
  23. Okay - I just installed two new 120mm Fans - High flow here....

    Linkage -


    I can definetly feel a LOT more air being blown out the back of the case.

    The only problem is the temps haven't changed
    I'm still running at 52-54 degrees Celsius

    My Northbridge has a small copper heatsink and fan on it also.
  24. Now I'm getting pissed....

    I mounted one 120mm between front panel and hard drive cage blowing in

    I mounted one 120mm at the end of the hard drive cage directly in front of the motherboard blowing towards the vid card/lower half of mobo

    I mounted one 120mm fan at rear of case blowing out for exhaust

    I have one 80mm fan as intake directly over my heatsink as intake for the cpu cooler.

    My temps haven't changed one bit

  25. I have a Gigabyte DS3 and I have problems getting temps to read correctly. I have used the built in app, speed fan, and core temp. All give different readings. They way I rectified this was to use my multitester with a temperature Gauge on it and stick the probe as close to the bottom of the heatsink as possible. Although this will not give you the exact temp of the component (it will be a few degrees cooler since you are measuring the temp of the heatsink) it will be close, and it will allow you to distinguish which software readings are for what component and how accurate they are.
  26. Oh, if your system is not operating on an extremely high FSB, there maybe something wrong with one of the thermal detectors of your mobo.

    try to tough the MB heatsink or get a dedicated device to check it out
  27. Success!!!!!

    I installed my Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme about 45 minutes ago, and all I can say is WOW!!!

    My idle temps were 35-37 degrees at idle and maxed out at 49-52 degrees celcius at 2.92Ghz stock vcore, and stable for about 30 min with prime 95

    Now I'm idling at 24degrees celcius and maxed out both cpu with dual instances of Orthos, and I'm only at 35 degrees Celcius

    I'm running both cores 100% and its rock steady with stock vcore!!!!!!
  28. congratulation! :D
  29. Finally figured out the temps on SpeedFan

    All of those temps that I have been bitching about on here about not changing were for the GPU

    I downloaded nVidia's nTune and ran NVMonitor and it shows all of my temps correctly.

    These are the correct temps

    Core - 26 deg celcius
    System temp - 32 deg celcius
    GPU - 52 deg celcius
    nForce Chipset - 40 deg celcius

    These temps make a LOT more sense now!!
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