Watch live tv online free?

i want to be able to watch tv online for free, does anyone know of any websites? also when does run? when ever i go to there website ( its never playing...

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  1. im pretty sure theres a way to but the question is how. i dont have a tv tuner card.

    System specs:
    GIGABYTE GA ma69g s3h
    AMD Athlon 64 x2 2.5Ghz 4800+
    ATI Radeon HD 5770
    G.Skill 4x1gb

  2. You'll love this... get a TV Tuner card.

    Unless you have a magic bucket that will carry TV signals to your PC from your cable box so you can pour it into the hard drive.

    If your video card has a video IN, which I doubt, and if your cable box has the right outputs for it, you can use that. Really though, get a TV Tuner card for the PC.

    Actually, some of the TV studios web sites often have some shows they stream for free. If you can find out what format they stream in, you can find a program to save it to your drive. Something that works like RealPlayer to save flash videos off the web.

    But still, get a TV Tuner card. You'll get all the software you need to record things, and will be able to pull a real TV signal.
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    How can i record tv with my computer to watch later?
  4. Hi,

    Yes, it's possible with TV web 360 website.

    Free tv from around the world.

  5. Unless you are using an antenna to bring in your channels, it's not free. You will still need cable or satellite and run a cable to your computer just like you do for your tv.

    Sites like Hulu offer some free programming (tv shows), but you don't need a tv tuner card for that.
  6. Online top most website which provided full information of the movies and also give some streaming links online to watch. Some websites where i like to watch online movies and Tvshows


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  7. most of those websites are illegal if you watch them for free but Netflix lets you watch it for money.
  8. Try for watching latest TV Shows online where you can also gave reviews according to your taste!!
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