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MS Office 2007 Ultimate

Is it true!!!! that only MS Office 2010 will run in a 64-bit OS, Vista / 7, but not Windows XP Professional x64 64-bit Edition.

Meaning I spent 399.99 for nothing! :fou:
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  1. 1st, why did you put Office 2007 in your title when you are talking about 2010?

    2nd, you are correct about that it does not run on XP 64 bit, but why not just return or exchange it for something you can use. And why be mad at anyone for not reading the system requirements?
  2. 1st, Because I purchased 2007 being told it will run....

    2nd, If I put 2010 in my title someone like you would ask the same thing about 2007....

    3rd, Sure.... I can return it now that it is do not accept open packages when it comes to software....

    4th, no where does it say "works only on 32-bit operating systems"

    5th, yea...I have a right to be angry and mad..
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    2007 runs with no issues on XP 32bit, it's on 3 laptops in my home right now on that OS.

    Try to return it anyway, they may not allow a full return, but I don't see why they would deny an exange. If you have an issue with the store, call MS and see if they can get you a valid 2007 key to use since you can't install the 2010 you bought.

    It does not only work on 32 bit systems, but for some reason it does not work on XP 64. It works on Vista and Win 7. The issue with packaging is that I have yet to see any type of warning or system spec listed in big bold letters on the front. If I buy a new car, it does not say on the front page of the manual "Warning, this thing will start breaking soon as the warranty is over", they just say what a great car it is.
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