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I have an HP tm2t tablet with windows 7 64-bit. It works flawlessly except for one annoying thing. Most of the time, it will boot up strangely, almost like it's in safe mode. The windows 7 symbol is a rectangle and not a circle, and the graphics are toned down like that as if it was in safe mode. My computer is unable to recognize wireless signals and connect to the internet. Also, I get a message from the bottom right corner saying "Unable to connect to a windows service". If I just restart my computer it will start normally and run fine. I have to do this almost every time I turn on my computer.

Thanks for the help in advance.
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  1. Hi adamjhoward

    are you shutting down Windows 7 or are you putting it to sleep ?
    (Suspend or Hibernate )
    if the latter it may have a driver problem preventing it waking up properly


    Mike Barnes
  2. I am shutting it down completely I am sure.
  3. go to the start menu and search "power button" and make sure you have it set to correct thing and double check what the default option is in the start menu for shutting down,, that's how to double check.
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