Weird Avast! problem after uninstall

Hello, I have a weird problem to be discussed.

I had Avast! on my old HP laptop, running Vista. Decided to change security program, so I unistalled Avast, everything that there is to unistall/delete. After that installed the new software, called F-Secure.

Now I cannot get to internet, nothing will work. Before uninstalling Avast everything worked. I know, that F-Secure isn't responsible for this. Is there anything I could try to do, to get my internet working again? The lines and modem and everything else are working like they should.

ps. Do you think I should use Avast uninstall utility found from their site just in case? Dunno if that works, because there should not be any trace of Avast left in that computer. Not even in the registry.

Help is very appreciated. :D
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  1. Resorted to this kind of method now. Uninstalling F-Secure, getting Avast! back to see if it helps to connect to internet, after that using the uninstall utility, checking if getting internet after that, then installing F-Secure. Hoping it works, I will post results after trying.
  2. Why would you switch? Avast is one of the top Antivirus software out there.
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