Loosing data (MB battery???)

hey all, after turning on my system i have realized that my taskbar has gone, and some games wont work (have reinstalled but after computer is off for a while it wont work again) some of my programes thinks they have just been installed (as they have lost all settings) even tho they have been installed for ages. my u torrent wont stay installed, have to reinstall it every time. might this be my mobo battery or more of a issue, any help much appreciated???
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  1. Does the time change also? That is a clear cut sign of CMOS battery failure.
  2. nah thats the weird thing, also every time i open fire fox after power up it acts like it just finished installing as it ask what to import ect.. i reinstalled windows about a week ago and every thing worked great untill just the other day, i replaced all icons in task bar reinstalled every thing and it done it again...
  3. Well, you say you have installed windows several times then I suspect hardware failure. If you suspect CMOS battery then go into bios and see the time there then restart and see time again if it is faulty then it will be far off from the first time booting. Try resetting system defaults in bios as well just to make sure. You can also get ultimate boot disk and run diagnostics on memory and hard drive. Surely sounds like a software problem though as applications can not save the saved settings within them.

  4. NOTE; after restart i have noticed no change (as in every thing ok ) also task bar was there but shrotly after the icons have gone, the blank space still there but no icons???
  5. may have found a solution, missing a reg key call "nosavesettings" and set the value, seemed to have worked, hopefully i dont jinx it.... cheers for the help.
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