Need to delete winsxs folder for windows 7 installation

Hi -

long story short I need to delete or reduce the winsxs folder (im vista ultimate 64x) so I can have at least 20 G for my windows 7 installation --

I have done everything I could possibly do to get as much space possible without deleting winsxs. it is a whopping 19G....

Can I delete it or most of it so I can do the upgrade to windows 7?
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  1. Back all the info you need and install from fresh rather than Upgrade, it will only give you heart ache in the future
  2. Leave it alone as it will likely cause more problems then you bargained for.
    Best option get a new drive to install Windows 7 on, 20 gig is not worth thinking about for long term running.
    Mine's already used 22 GB and this is a 32 bit version with only basic programs that I use regularly installed. Most data is on other drives.
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