Help with GTX 680M experiences and advice?

Hello guys,

I'm currently looking for a gaming notebook around $3000 and just wanted to get some advice on what I should be looking at.
No alienware there too bulky, heavy, and I have hears some serious horror stories with their reliability and customer service. Put short a friend of mine bought a M18X and 2 months later it cooked itself, turned out the GPU paste was not put on properly and they refused to fix it under warranty. So that's permanently turned me off Alienware. They also apparently have allot of overheating and software driver issues.

I've been looking at the Horize P170EM with the upgraded GTX 680M for $2750. Only problem is apparently the 680M struggles with the higher end games like Battlefield 3 and Metro 2033 let alone the witcher 2 when you crank up the highest settings.

So the million dollar question is the GTX 680M really worth its money? And are those benchmarks accurate? I'm tossing up whether If it's really worth getting that, or save a grand and get a MSI GT70 which has almost the same specs except a GTX 670M instead of 680M.
Obviously I wont be able to crank up the specs as high as the 680M, but its a 1000 dollars cheaper.

O, before I forget I'm a Aussie so if your wondering why the prices are so different, that explains it. :D

Which should I go for?

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  1. If the 680M struggles with the higher end games you want to play then the 670M will struggle even more as there is quite a performance difference. Looking at benchmarks here ( the mobile versions of the GTX 680 have a out 1/3 less performance than their desktop counterparts. Consider a laptop with ATI Radeon 7970M.

    The Horize P170EM comes with the 7970M for $1999 which is an even better deal ( Don't know anything about Logical Blue One, so buyer beware.

    Sorry to hear your friend had such a bad experience with Dell/Alienware. We have had good experiences with Dell. My son, who is in the Navy (US), has a M17 Alienware laptop and loves it. We decided on Alienware because finding comparably equipped laptop weren't that much cheaper, $50 cheaper at most. We knew he would be traveling about in the Navy, perhaps throughout the world, and thought that Dell would probably have better domestic and international support. Further, he had a friend in the Navy who dropped his Dell laptop and Dell replaced it, no questions. But perhaps Dell support is not that great in Austrailia.

    Also, consider that even the best companies are going to have nightmare support stories and sell equipment that turns out to be a lemon. The question is, how often does it happen. While looking for a gaming laptop for my son, I looked into the companies which had slightly cheaper laptops. From what I read, these companies had more nightmare stories that Dell. Considering that Dell sells many more laptops, I thought this reflected well on Dell.
  2. Exactly right and that is exactly why I was so concerned about Alienware. Dell has a very good reputation warranty wise, I use to work for a charted accountant company who only deals in dell and we have never had a issue with them. Alienware, well, that's a whole other kettle of fish! Allot of retailers here I've spoken to have told me horror stories of Alienware refusing to honour warranties for different ridiculous reasons. That friend I was talking about ended up taking them to court and then and only then did they offer to fix it free of charge and gave him some free accessories as a late pathetic apology.

    Anyway, I ended up taking the dive and ordered a M18X should be here on Monday.
    I ended up going with the 680Ms SLI, yea it was $1100 extra so I ended up spending $4500 on it but I wanted to get the most advanced system I can because next gen engines are around the corner. There's already a few UE4 games in development which are due out next year, and in 3 years time dual 675s or even 7970s would not cut it.
    It's funny Iv'e been able to find plenty benchmarks for a 680M, but not for 2 in SLI. Guess that's just down to how new it is. Oh well, 2 more days and I will know.
    I just hope the horror stories I have heard are not true, suffice to say Dell are going to have raining fire upon them if I have any issues with my system!
    You spend 4.5K on a laptop you expect it last years implacably, and if it does not they should sweep it away on the red carpet!

    Now all I need to do is backup all my programming work, emails and stuff for work.
    Shame dell don't offer MSATA like Asus is offering on the G27, would of made my life a whole lot easier!
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