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I just experienced a new problem. There's a Red X in my taskbar and I didn't know what it was. I read up on it before posting here.

Apparently, I exceed my Profile Storage Space Quota. I can't even log off or reboot through Windows because it says I have to move some items from my profile to network or local storage. So I have to manually power down.

I had a few Windows problems and I did a Windows Repair using my original XP disc. Now the other problems are gone and I have this new one.

I never knew about this quota before, but after reading up on it, there should have beeen a Yellow X as a warning when I came close to my quota, but I never got that. The Red X appeared immediately after I repaired Windows, so I imagine the repair had something to do with it.

There's also a new wrinkle. I can't update any Microsoft programs. With the Windows Repair, it reverted back to IE v.6 and Windows Media Player v.9. When I try to update them, it goes through the new installation and then says "Installation could not be completed." I tried to install SP3 and half way through it aborted and said "Access Denied." I don't know if this is related to the Profile Storage Problem or not.

It's a home computer and I'm the only one using it and I have administrative rights.

How can I increase my storage quota. I looked at my Profile in the Advanced Tab of System Properties, but it didn't allow me to do it.

I would rather not have to delete anything from My Documents.

Also, will curing the storage problem allow me to update my programs?

Can anyone help me with these problems?


My Setup:

Dell 531s Inspiron Desktop
AMD Athlon Core 2 Duo CPU
500GB Hard Drive
Windows XP with SP2 and all updates (can't update to SP3)
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  1. Hi,

    Did you ever get a solution. I have the same problem with the Profile Storage Space. If so would you be kind enough to send it to me.

  2. Hi, Zane.

    Yes, I just fixed it today with the help of Geeks-To-Go. Here's what to do:

    Click the Start button, then click on "Run". Type gpedit.msc in the Run field and click on "Ok". This opens the Group Policy Editor.

    In the left pane of the resulting window, expand (click +) User Configuration, then Administrative Templates, then System, and click on User Profiles.

    In the right pane, look at the setting for "Limit profile size"? That's what you have to change.

    Mine was set to "Not Configured." If it's set to that or if it has a profile size listed, just change it to "Disabled." Then there will be no limit on how much data you can store (other than available hard drive space.)

    I did that and the problem was gone.

    Good luck and let me know if it works.
  3. This solution was exactly what I was looking for. A big thank you and God bless.

  4. You're welcome, highfather. I'm glad it helped.
  5. this thtead just bailed me out also.. got the red x after i ran combofix malware cleaner..
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