NTSF works but chkdsk says it is RAW

My computer is able to function, but when I try to run chkdsk it doesn't work. I went to the command prompt and ran it from there, but it didn't start on startup. Finally, I went to regedit and added this line to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\BootExecute:

autocheck autochk /r \??\C:

The chkdsk finally started when I restarted my computer, but it said that the type of drive was RAW and that it couldn't function. I'm almost 100% sure that the type of drive is actually NTSF, but I can't figure out why this won't work.

Can someone please help me with this?

The default of what was in BootExecute is this:

autocheck autochk /p \??\C:
autocheck autochk *

Any and all help is appreciated.
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  1. Have you checked the drive in disc management? It needs to be formatted and allocated.
  2. Will formatting and allocating the drive result in any loss of files for me?

    Also, I have looked in disc management, and the C drive doesn't seem to be showing up. All I see is the E and F drives (just disc drives, not hard drives). How exactly would I format the C drive? That's the one that's having problems, and I can't seem to find it.
  3. Yes, formatting the drive will erase anything that's on it.

    You can try downloading the software tools from your HD manufacturer's website and running a diagnostic test. Keep an eye on the BIOS as the PC boots. Make sure it's recognizing your HD by the correct model.

    If the HD tools don't work and the BIOS sees the drive correctly, the next option is to format the drive and allocate it. If it's your main drive, you need to boot off an OS disc and format the drive outside of windows. If it's a slave drive, it should show in the bottom windows of disc management. You simply right click on the drive, and allocate it.
  4. I have just had the same problems with a Vista Home laptop - nothing seemed to solve the problem, no chkdsk or defrag. Or a forced chkdsk said it was a RAW drive not NTFS. Booted from UBCD4win ran a disk check and found a few errors, but still the same problem when I ran Vista. MBAM wouldn't run, so I suspected a virus infection or some other issue. Ran SuperAntiSpyware from the UBCD4win disk - detected a variety of nasties. Reboot and guess what, Vista runs chkdsk on boot. Hope this helps someone, I hate having to reformat, etc, especially on a customers computer. Regards Jeremy
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