Phptriad and mysql for WIn 7 64-bit please help!!!

I am a college student majoring in computer science and need some help. I have Windows 7 64 bit and the class I am taking my teacher sent us some things to install. SQLyog311.exe (mysql-php) and phptriad 2-2-1.exe after I stared installing it said that the phptriad was for 32 bit and I need 64 bit. I installed anyway and of course it did not work. THe teacher told me to get xp or vista 32 which i cannot do, but he told me also their is 64 bit version out their if I want to use it. THe problem I cannot find it I know the phptriad includes 4 of the 5 programs I need for this class, so its really important, if anyone has a real link to it that would be great. People on this site have never let me down before so hopefully someone out their knows exactly what I need for my internet database class. I do not think the sql programs needs a 64 bit version but not sure.

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  1. I don't think that there are any 64-bit Windows binaries of Apache available (although there certainly are of MySQL and, I believe, PHP). However, have a look at this link to see if it addresses your problem. I can see no reason why the 32-bit versions of these programmes wouldn't work on a 64-bit OS, so it may be a Windows 7 problem rather than a 32/64-bit one.
  2. okay I will check it out, It says when I go to install that I need the 64 bit version but it still could be a Win 7 problem maybe. My teacher says it is not compatible with 64 bit but will see.
  3. Also the phptriad has 4 of the 5 programs I am using all in one I wonder if all are compatible with 64 bit like apache seemed to load fine. If it is just the php program that needs a 64 bit version...
  4. you should only right click on any phptriad application on start menu and then goto compatibility tab , select windows xp sp2 and finish , i do this and i succeeded, notice : first start appache and then start mysql , good luck...
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